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2009  Blue Gray Show Back Bar Display


Gary Allison, Chip Sims, Mike Daniels, and Chris Eib. These pix are from the
"arrow bock" dump. the pix of the Tudor cans came from a shallow pit
found by Mike Daniels with his detector. We pulled over fifty cans from the
pit. Everyone of them was a Tudor from Norfolk. The picture is just how
they looked as we uncovered them.

Here are a couple pictures from a dump Chip and Mike found a few years ago.
We went there the same day after the arrow bock dump. We turned up
around 10 Richbrau Bocks and a ton of Arrow 77 cans, Richbrau cones and
others I cannot remember at this time. The pictures are of Mike Daniels
and Chris digging in the hillside. This dump is huge and will take a
dozen more trips before it will be considered "dug".

(LtoR-Chris Eib,Tim Cark,Mike Daniels, Gary Allison, photo by Chip Sims)

lThe MOTLEY Crew - No these guys don't play hard rock music but they surely rocked at digging cans. 25 grocery bags worth in a few hours to include Flat tops from the '30's, 40's, and 50's. Quart conetops from the same era. High and Low profile cones. YES I said LOW PROFILE, which is a real rarity in Va.    

Gary is loaded up and ready for home
with his bounty !
Chris and Mike stack probably one of the biggest quart conetop finds in Virginia in many years. Literally hundreds of quarts with labels such as Yuengling, Manhattan, and Rheingold just to name a few.
THE DUMP! Or should I say 1 corner of it. Look closely at all the mounds behind the part that has been dug. All are undug Beer/oil can piles

Tim, Chris and Mike hard at work tring to find that retirement can.
Angry Gary displays a decent Gunthers IRTP and light blue Senate Beer from the 1940's.

Chris Eib and Mike Daniels Unearth a Manhattan beer Quart

Tim Clark and Gary Allison find their spots to dig in the dump

Tim and Chris inspect their unearthings while Angry Gary photographs the photographer

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