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About Corzman Pt.2
Updated November 13, 2010

About Corzman69 Pt.1

I have many hobbies that keep me busy when I am not working. I am an avid collector of Carling Black Label breweriana, as you already know!   I am also the crew chief, spotter, transporter driver, right side tire changer, left side tire changer, gas man & associate sponsor of the #41 H.E.A.T. Racing Pro-6 Monte Carlo that races at Langley Speedway in Hampton, VA.  Click on the images and links  below to be transported to thier web sites.

This is me on the flagstand at Capital City Speedway in Ashland, VA.

Warren, Charlie, & Jody, R.I.R. May, 2005

My favorite NASCAR driver, Terry labonte & me at Bristol in 1995.

Way to go TERRY! Winner of the last Southern 500 run on Labor Day weekend.

Warren Smigo & the #69 Bandit Champ Kart

Congrats to Warren on his first MACKA win at Langley Speedway, and for finishing 3rd in 2004 points !
Not bad for a rediculously low-budget race team.

The T.I. Racing H.E.A.T. Pro 6 Monte Carlo

When I have the time, I go to as many Winston Cup races as I can. My favorite tracks are Martinsville Speedway, and Bristol Motor Speedway.

When going to races, I love to camp, tailgate, and just hang out and have a good time. Below are some pics of some good times........

Chris, Charlie & Warren, Bristol Campground, 1996

The tailgating Smigo's below at RIR in 1998
(L to R - Charlie,Sonny,Warren, & Chris)

"Thank you Lord, for Bristol, sunshine, and BEER!
I survived "Fartfest 2002".."The Winston" weekend, Charlotte,NC...There is no truth to the rumor that the hotel had to fumigate our room on our departure!


These  were taken Sept. 7,2002 at RIR while tailgating before the Chevy Monte Carlo 400.....

This is my  nephew, Warren, in front of my banner....sad to say , but these were the only tits we saw that day.
actually, we saw a wee bit (no pun intended)  more of Warren than we really cared to see....

 A couple of fellow Richmonders dared Warren  to streak down this gravel road about 100 yards and back. I got the camera out in time to photograph him getting his shorts back on....The things he will do for $20 !

9-11 tribute during the pre-race festivities at RIR Sept. 7,2002

This was pretty cool....The only good thing RIR has done in a long while. Richmond International Raceway,and International Speedway Corporation(parent company) has managed to turn RIR into a very fan-unfriendly race track. First they take away our Igloo coolers and treat everyone like Al Qaeda terrorist, but now they cram you in like sardines and have made tailgating almost impossible. ISC says it is for the safety of the fans, but I, along with many others believe it is strictly for profiteering. Oh, how I wish the Sawyer family still owned the track !

Our home for Bristol weekend

at Martinsville campground, April 2003.

Would you sit next to these two?
(Clowning around after Terry won the pole at RIR, May 2003)

This is more like it !

L to R: Jody, Me, & Warren

Yours truly after a hard day of watching racing and pounding Silver Bullets at Martinsville, Spring 2004.

Warren & I chillin at RIR Spring 2004 with some Falstaff donated by John Smallshaw....

Little did we know this would be some of the last Falstaff ever brewed as it was discontinued by Pabst in April 2005.

We weren't drunk ! ..... I swear!

Above, Martinsville in October, 2004. That is my bud Jody (AKA Mr Magoo, Mr Clean,  among others) next to my new travel trailer on its maiden voyage. The weekend,  while chilly and damp,  was a camping success, but was sadened by the race day plane crash that took the lives of several members of Hendrick Motorsports  who were on thier way to Martinsville for the race.

R.I.R. tailgating, May 2005.
(L to R) John, Tommy, and Jody.... a bunch of good guys, even though they have sorry taste in football teams!

Slightly confused ? We spotted this guy in the Martinsville Campground, Spring 2009. He was a local just having some fun with the NASCAR brethren.

Gene, Charlie, Chris, & Tenney at a Richmond Riverdogs hockey game, 2003

If you have never heard the music of Southern Culture on The Skids, you really need to give them a listen to.
Click on the pic to go to thier website

The most underrated rock band of all time ! Click on the above logo to go to ELO's news & info site.

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