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T.I. Racing
(Updated October 15, 2011)

T.I. Racing would like to thank the following people for their help during the 2010 racing season:
Carl Blohm, Dan Corker, Justin Corker, Skip Johnson, Don Tenney, Matt Mullins, Nilda Blohm, J.B.,Casey, & Carter Sipe. A SPECIAL thank you to Langley Speedway for providing us with a GREAT place to race. Everyone at T.I. Racing is looking forward to the 2011 racing season !

The T.I. Racing Team is made up of members of the Smigo family and races in the Pro-6 Division at Langley Speedway  in Hampton, Virginia. From 2007 through 2011, T.I. Racing has been  sponsored by the Virginia State Police's H.E.A.T. Program.  Gravins Insurance Agency is an associate sponsor as well.

T.I. Racing Team Members

Warren Smigo - Car Owner, Crew Chief, Think Tank, Sponsor Liason, & Driver
Charlie Smigo - Spotter, Transporter Driver, Crew
Margaret Smigo - Pit Mom and Head Cheerleader
Ashley Smigo   - Web master, Team Photographer

Click on the Image below to go to the HEAT Racing Web site.


   Warren Smigo began racing go-karts in 1991 at the age of 21. He naturally took to the sport, winning several races including
the Virginia Dirt Kart Association State Series, Mid-Atlantic Champ Kart Association (MACKA), Capital City Speedway
Weekly Racing Series, Amelia County Speedway Weekly Racing Series and the Southside Speedway Asphalt Spring Kart Series.
Having seen Warren's talent in action, H.E.A.T. supported him with sponsorship for the 1997 MACKA season. Following that
season he took a break from racing and earned his Master's degree in biology from Virginia Commonwealth University, leading
to his current position with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. In 2007, Warren joined the H.E.A.T. Team
for the Pro 6 Racing Series, to race his #41 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, equipped with a ferocious V-6 engine.
Get Involved! If you have knowledge about the theft
of cars, trucks, motorcycles or their parts, call the
H.E.A.T. Hotline 1-800-947-HEAT (4328). Callers
remain anonymous and information leading to arrests
make callers eligible for cash rewards up to $25,000.
Lock your car.
Never leave keys in car.
Park in well lighted areas.
Use antitheft devices.
Have your VIN
(vehicle identification number)
etched on your windows.
Never leave your car
unattended while it is running.
Prevent auto theft by doing the following:

Here are some more links for T.I. Racing Fans to check out:

Pro 6 Racing Series

Langley Speedway

Heat Racing on Facebook

T.I. Racing F.A.Q.

1. What does "H.E.A.T. Stand for ? Help Eliminate Auto Theft. Click on the HEAT banner above for more information.

2. What does T.I. in T.I. Racing stand for ? Hell, pick the one that fits: Two Idiots, Totally Insane, Terribly Inept, or "D", All the above !

3. What is a Pro 6 race car ? A Pro-6 race car is a low-budget tube chassis stock car that runs fast and races competitively. It is powered by a Nissan high performance 6 cylinder engine and uses component parts such as rear ends, brakes, etc. that you can find in a junk yard to keep costs down. Click on the Pro 6 page for series rules and a "cool to be seen in" message board.

4. Are there career opportunities with T.I. Racing ? SURE! However, the pay totally sucks and you have to bring the beer!

5. How fast can it go ? The Pro-6's are the third fastest class that races at Langley Speedway. Only the Late Model Stock Cars and Modifieds Faster. Average speed around 4/10 mile Langley Speedway is about 89 miles per hour.

6. When will T.I. Racing move up to a higher level of racing ? Probably never. We are having too much fun, running competitive, and not spending a fortune like you have to do in higher divisions. Not to mention that we are too old to start over again.

Your question not answered ? Send an email to corzman2001@yahoo.com

Warren on the pole for the start of a race in 2009 at Langley Speedway.

Warren taking the checkered flag for his first ever Pro-6 win.

Victory lap after victory #1

Warren mentally preparing himself for his victory lane interview.
What a night!

Victory Lane First win of 2010 !

Pro 6 win #3

T.I. Racing driver Warren Smigo poses for a picture with a couple of his many fans.

Come see the #41 HEAT Pro-6 in action !

2010 Race Dates & Results

April 10 - Crashed in Practice, DNQ
April 24 - Rained out
May 8 -Missed race
May 15- Qual. 4th, Fin 4th
June 19. Qual. 5th, Fin 5th
June 26 Qual 4th, Fin 4th
July 24 Qual 2nd, Did not race ( blown head gasket)
July 31 Qual 2nd. Fin First!
August 21 Qual. 1st, Fin 4th
August 28 Qual 4th, Fin FIRST!
September 25 - car raced by Troy Turnage
October 23- car raced by Skip Johnson

All races at Langley Speedway.

2011 Race Dates & Results
April 23 --Qual 4th, Finished 2nd.
May 14-- Qual. 6th, Finished 2nd.
May 28-- Qual. 1st, Finished 5th.
June 4-- Qual. 4th Fin 5th.
June 25-- Qual 3rd Fin. 3rd
July 9 --Qual 5th Fin 3rd.
July 23 --Qual, 8th, Finished 6th
August 6-- finished 6th
August 20-- Q-4th, F- 4th
Sept 17 - rained out
October 1 -- Q- 5th, F--5th
October 15
October 22

A special thanks goes out to Carl Blohm with Carl's Racing Products for all of his help. Please visit Carls Racing Products' web site...